Roller Sand Mixer

Roller Sand Mixer

Production capacity: 1000–13000 kg/h
Feeding amount: 500 kg
Disk diameter: 1820 mm
Dimensions: 2080×1882×1755 mm
Application range: powdery, granular material


Sand mixer is used for evenly mixing the components of the sand and making the adhesive effectively coating the sand particles. Sand mixer crushes materials using the relative movement of the wheel roll and grinding base. This machine can crush the materials and mix them at the same time, so that it is the ideal equipment for producing baking-free brick, lime-sand brick, cement brick and refractory brick and for crushing and mixing coal ash, boiler slag and tailing slag.
S114C roller sand mixer is suitable for mixing and making sand and core sand in the casting foundry and is widely used in medium and small-sized casting foundry and township enterprise casting foundry. It is the ideal sand mixing and making equipment and it can also be used for mixing and making powder materials in chemistry, light industry and building material industry.

This roller sand maker has the features of fast and even mixing, no caking and dead angle and low energy consumption.


This machine is composed of machine rack, driving mechanism and rolling mechanism.

(1) The machine rack is composed of machine plate, sand discharging door, sampling gate, air switch and air switching valve.

(2) The driving mechanism consists of reducer, oil pump and stand column.

(3) The rolling mechanism is installed on the circular shaft of the driving mechanism, on which there is installed a crosshead of the mechanism. On both sides of the crosshead, there are two crank arms to pull the two rolls and the internal and external scraper blades are also installed on the crosshead.

When the roller sand maker works, the electromotor drives the planet cage on the vertical shaft, and the under the both ends of the planet cage, there are a pair of mixing shovel which is rotating clockwise around the vertical shaft at a certain speed, and at the same time, the two pairs of mixing shovels revolve on its axis anticlockwise at a certain speed, and the two roller will grind the materials that are constantly stirring along the clockwise direction. This working method has the functions of grinding, kneading and mixing so that it is a new wheel rolling type mixing machine integrated with several features that other types of sand mixers do not have.

Technical data

Feeding Ratio Mixing Time Productivity Disk Diameter Roller(Dia./W) Total Transmission Ratio Pressure of One Roller Speed of Mainshast Dimensions Fill 30#-40# Lubricant Oil
in Gear Box
500kg(0.4m3) 2-3min 1000-13000kg/h 1820mm 750/240mm 43.06 0-3000N 34r/min 2080/1882/1755mm 10kg

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